Radiology Services

General digital radiography

We do x-ray procedures from head to toe, and provide x-ray images for radiologist to make diagnosis.

General Ultrasound

We perform ultrasound of the abdomen to assess liver, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas, abdomen vascular structures, and the spleen.

Emergency Ultrasound

We perform ultrasound for trauma to assess fluid collections, complication of pregnancies, injuries to solid organs, bowel obstructions, and small fractures.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

We do ultrasound for early pregnancy to confirm and date the pregnancy, and do follow up ultrasound to monitor and assess fetal growth and well being.

Fetal structural scan

We do detail ultrasound to assess the structure of the fetus at 18-22 weeks, to determine if there is abnormality of fetal structure.

Pelvic Ultrasound

We perform pelvic ultrasound to assess lower abdominal pain and abnormality of the female reproductive organs, such as the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and adnexa. 

Electrocardiogram [ECG]

We perform electrocardiogram of the heart and interpret the findings on the ECG.


We perform ultrasound examination of the heart and pericardium and great vessels, in adults and children. We perform and assess suspected congenital heart diseases and rheumatic heart diseases in children.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound

We perform ultrasound of suspected muscles, joints and tendon diseases, including injuries, and nerves such as median nerve compression. We perform ultrasound of lumps and bumps located in any part of the body.

Vascular ultrasound

We perform ultrasound assessment of the any vessels located in any part of the body  to assess narrowing, calcium plaques, swellings [aneurysm], to inform appropriate management.

Breast Lumps

We perform ultrasound of the breast to assess and characterized breast masses and can also do ultrasound biopsies to obtain samples for tissue diagnosis.

Thyroid Ultrasound

We perform ultrasound of the thyroid , to assess and characterized masses, and advice on appropriate management.

Pediatric Ultrasound

We perform all ultrasound examination in newborn, infants, and children, to assess masses, in any organs or any part of the body. We also perform ultrasound to assess newborns, infants with large heads, masses located in the facial region, neck, chest, and back. We also perform ultrasound in children with abdominal pain to assess intestinal obstructions.

Ultrasound of the appendix

We perform ultrasound in adults and children to assess suspected appendicitis. 

Scrotal ultrasound

We perform ultrasound of the testis to assess testicular pain and testicular masses.

CT Services

What is a CT ?

Computed tomography (CT) uses sophisticated x-ray technology to take images of parts of the body in very fine slices. The fine detail allows accurate diagnosis of a variety of illnesses and injuries. In Solomon Islands, we have a very sophisticated CT machine, that can obtain very thin slices of 0.6 mm thick to construct different planes of your body. This allows the radiologist to view detail structures that make up the body and make detailed report that helps doctors to gain a detail and accurate understanding of what is in your body, to aid them in providing timely and appropriate treatments.

CT services

In the past, Solomon Islanders who needed to do a CT scan had to travel overseas. Now, we have a CT scanner at the NRH, where you can access this service.

You can get a CT scan at NRH by using the government health system or by going through the local private medical system where a referral is made to do the scan.

If you choose to use the private system, you can attend the Frontier Radiology Health Centre, where there is a highly experienced radiologist to assist you and refer you for a scan.

At the Frontier Radiology Health Centre, we offer CT services where you can consult our experienced radiologist to assist and guide you, in understanding the benefits and the risks of doing a CT examination. The CT services we currently offer are:

• Consultations with radiologist

• Referral to do a CT examination at NRH

• CT reporting 

Consultation with another specialist

Your condition or illness can also be assessed by a specialist, who can provide advice and treatment or discuss with the radiologist of your CT exam. This will add value to the understanding and management of your illness or condition

Consultation with our radiologist

You may have a condition or illness, that continues to affect your health and you would like the radiologist to assess your medical records to discuss if CT would add value to the understanding and management of your health condition or illness. The radiologist will discuss with you the benefits and risks of CT examination.

Referral to have a CT examination

If it becomes clear during the consultation that a CT examination is needed, the specialist can write a CT request form to refer you to the hospital for a CT examination.

CT reporting by radiologist

After completing your CT examination at the NRH, you will need to bring your CT Scanned images to Frontier Radiology Health Centre to receive a written report. The radiologist will report your CT studies within 48 hours of receiving the images.

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