Pregnancy And Child Health Services Fees

Pregnancy & Child Health Services Fees

The pregnancy & child health services include examination and a written report.

All prices listed are GST inclusive.

First Visit – Pregnant Females   
Doctor’s consultation$170.00$170.00$350.00
Urine test [Dipstick]$20.00$20.00$50.00
Blood test -Pregnant female   
Hep B$100.00$100.00$140.00
Ultrasound Pregnancy$170.00$170.00$350.00
Medications [one month supply]$90.00$90.00$180.00
Subsequent antenatal visits [cost per visit]   
Doctor’s review$80.00$80.00$170.00
Ultrasound to monitor pregnancy$170.00$170.00$350.00
Post – Partum services   
Visit at 7 days for doctors check$170.00$170.00$300.00
Visit at 14 days for doctor check$170.00$170.00$300.00
Visit at 28 days for doctors check$170.00$170.00$300.00
Ultrasound if required$170.00$170.00$350.00
Medical report$200.00$200.00$350.00

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