Seasonal Employment

Immigration Medical Exam [501] & Chest X-ray Exam [IME 502] for Australia and New Zealand Seasonal Employment

At Frontier Radiology Health Centre, we have the medical and digital imaging setup in one location to conduct both the Immigration Medical Examination [IME 501] and chest x-ray examination [IME 502].

As a Panel Clinic authorised by both the Australian and New Zealand Authorities, our Panel Physician and Panel Radiologist are here to conduct and process your medical examination and chest x-ray examination required for your seasonal employment Visa applications.

Please click on our price list to find out more about the fees for IME 501 & 502.

Authorised to conduct IME 501 & IME 502 for seasonal employment Visa applications.

For more information regarding IME 501 & 502 for Australia and NZ, please click on the links below.

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