Answer: Please call tel:72 45253 to make an appointment or just walk in and ask our friendly staff about our services and make an appointment to get the service you need.

Answer: Malaria microscopy  costs $50-00 and malaria treatment costs $50-00. Malaria treatment -Vivax [For 14 days] costs $90-00. Please check our price listing to get the latest cost for the service.

Answer: A medical examination and chest x-ray  for a Seasonal worker costs $900-00. Please refer to our price list from more information.

Answer: Please check our price listing for this service. We continue to review the costs from time to time to meet our objectives and goals to serve you.

Answer: It costs $250-00 and takes 10 minutes to do an ultrasound and 5 minutes to write a report. Please check our price list for more information regarding “Pregnancy and Child Health services”

Answer: It costs $150-00 for children and $250-00 for adults. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to do an ultrasound of the heart.

Answer: Yes we offer a complete medical examination for employment or annual medical check-up. It takes approximately 30 minutes and the costs vary between $170-00 to $1,000-00. You can walk in or make an appointment by calling tel: 72 45253.

Get Medical Consultation, Call +677 72 45253